Friday, February 22, 2008

WiFi @Airport

It has been a while-there has been anything interesting enough to report. Right now I am sitting at Logan Airport among 40 elementary or middle school kids with an English? Scottish? accent. It is snowing very hard outside, but my flight to CDG is still posted as "on schedule". I hope it stays that way- another 30 minutes before boarding. They are deicing the plane. I can see the Air France Boeing 747 parked at the terminal, loading up luggage. A good sign.

I cannot believe I have to pay to access the WiFi at Logan. This cannot be right. It turns out the kids were on a ski trip in US from England- must be the weak dollar. Their tour guide started chatting with me. A funny man with some slighting words about French men :). It was quite amusing.

Finally I am boarding the flight to Paris, with only one hour delay in a snow storm like this. It is not too bad.